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This is the Cross Training Academy's online newsletter. We hope to better keep everyone informed of events happening in the dojo. This newsletter will cover a variety of topics from upcoming events to student news.  CTA also has an email chain used to send announcements/information.  If you would like to be on this list email crosstrainingacademy@yahoo.com


Cross Training Academy is moving out of the Fletcher location.  
We have a facility in Hendersonville.  I know that is quite a drive for those students living in Asheville or beyond, but we are willing to cut dues for gas for your dedication to the Academy. 
I believe we have a great group of guys and I would like to continue training and teaching all of you.  Don't get discouraged, remember almost 90% of our compeditiors, medals and trophies came from the dedication out of home dojo. 
With the move comes new training--going back to 'old school'.  For those not familiar, ask the ones who has trained old school---It is where we got the name CROSS TRAINING ACADEMY.  We are going to incorporate striking, gi and no gi, developing a more rounded aspect in training using videos occasionally as training aids. 
Class times will be more flexible since home dojo is next door to my house.  Just keep in mind my work schedule (posted on the website) and let me know of times that may be good on my days off. 
We are going to use the wood from the Fletcher academy to build on to our home dojo, a storage/changing room.
Wednesdays will still be at the Pump House. 
Please do me a favor and email me to let me know what you think.  Do you plan to stay and train?  If you need directions, I can email them.  It isn't hard to find, basically 7 miles out off I-26 exit 49a. 
Also, keep your eyes open for a new location on Hendersonville Rd, Arden.  That is pretty much mid-point to Asheville and H'ville. 
Thanks for your understanding!
Bryan and Michael


Jeff Aytes and Ronnie Joseph will be in Basic and Training in the United States Air Force. 
Jeff Aytes will be a married man in June to Stacey!
Brian Allen will be a married man in September!

Justin Thrift has been thriving in Florida, part of the American Top Team.  He is know as the Famous "Killa Shrimp"!  Good Job Justin!  He will be home around Easter for a 10 day visit.